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If you had spent some time on wordpress by now you had heard of drag and drop page builders, visual page builders, theme builders, and other similar terms used to describe plugins or software that make building web pages easy and highly customizable. There are many companies that cater to wordpress users looking to customize and design their own websites without having prior knowledge of coding language such as HTML or CSS. The companies that offer page and theme building software all accomplish the same goal but differ in features, compatibility, support, and pricing.

One theme builder we will be discussing today is Divi. Divi is a wordpress theme developed and created by Elegant themes which is one of the largest, most popular independent wordpress theme merchants. Divi was created with new website builders in mind while being able to accommodate more experienced designers as well (which we will get into later). The dashboard layout, functionality, customization options, and design make it easy for users to navigate the Divi builder. Divi is a visual drag and drop page builder suitable for just about any type of website and user experience which also makes it much more appealing than other webpage builders.

What is the Divi Builder WordPress Plugin

What is the Divi builder for wordpress | the best drag & drop page builder?

As previously mentioned, Divi is a drag and drop, visual page builder designed for building and customizing web pages on wordpress created by a company named elegant themes. Similar to a typical wordpress default theme but, with much more freedom in regards to features, design, and compatibilities all while being designed so it is easy to use.

The Divi builder is designed in a way so that it can be used to fulfill multiple types of websites such as websites that are dedicated to blogs, service based businesses, B2B businesses, doctors, and so on. If you can dream it, you can build it on divi.

Divi also was developed to be easy for beginners to use. Their user interface makes learning your way around the Divi builder pleasant and quick. They offer services that can expedite the learning curve new web designers may encounter when using their platform as well as offering other resources such as a community section where they host community events for new and experienced Divi users alike.

Tutorials on design and implementation are also offered by Divi through elegant themes along with a massive online community willing to help one another reach their design goals.

The Core of Divi Builder

Divi was designed so anyone could use it and design web pages to their liking. It is a full functioning wordpress theme that can be used and implemented right away. Installing Divi is no different than installing any other wordpress theme and is straight forward.

If you need help with installing the Divi plugin builder for wordpress I highly recommend watching this youtube video tutorial.

The design and purpose of the Divi theme builder for wordpress was to allow people that have little to no experience in coding or web design the ability to design their own websites. Most of their customization and design options are easy to use and find. The developers at Elegant themes also incorporated sections that advanced users could further customize their web pages with CSS and HTML options.

The easy to Divi builder allows the user to make changes on the front end of your website where you are able to view the changes and modifications of your web page as if you were the one visiting that particular web page. This takes out a sense of guess work and formatting issues that may arise if you were to be working on the web page design solely through the backend.

Divi also allows their users to save layout designs, settings, containers, and other elements of web design to a library where you are able to use them later or for other web pages on your site. They also offer free professional templates to get your web page designs started if you are in need of some inspiration.

Being able to fully customize your web page design and layout more than other drag & drop visual web page builders is what makes the Divi builder for wordpress unique. Many web page builders limit what can be changed and sometimes force a particular layout or style on you. You are able to design and fine tune your pages for website visitors and mobile visitors.

Unlike page builders such as elementor or beaver builder where you will need a separate theme from wordpress in order for them to function properly, Divi is a theme in itself that also serves as  a fully functioning web page builder as well. This makes it very easy to use and set up for beginners making it one of the best beginner friendly wordpress page builders today.

Divi’s design elements are vast making your design process a breeze. They offer a library of fully customizable fields and elements ranging from an audio player, custom code, buttons, search bars, social profiles, and much more. Just about anything you see on the page is customizable. For example, blocks of text are directly editable by clicking on them and typing.

Unique features – Split Testing on Divi Builder

One of the great features that Divi provides in the implementation of split testing. For example, if you are stuck deciding which design layout will bring your more customers or a high conversion rate, you can use the split test option. Here you are able to present different variations of web pages to visitors in hopes of understanding which design performs better with your visitors.

One of the great things about elegant themes and divi is that they are constantly updating Divi and their products… for free. These updates typically address bugs or security measures within their themes but, in some of these updates they add additional features, design options, and performance upgrades.

The Divi theme builder also grants you access to all of the themes, plugins, and support elegant themes has to offer. After purchasing, you are then able to use the Divi theme builder for wordpress on any of your other wordpress websites that you may have without paying anything extra.

Is Divi Worth the Money

The Divi theme and page builder for wordpress is one of the best drag and drop visual page builders today. It receives constant updates and support along with boasting an impressive online community of designers. When you purchase the Divi builder you also gain access to all of the other features elegant themes have to offer as well as their other themes and plugins.

The price of a Divi membership is currently split into two options with no free membership option as of yet. The yearly recurring membership is priced at 89$ while their lifetime access is priced at 249$.

For the previously stated price you must consider what your needs are. If you are planning on constantly updating your website and changing your design or, if you intend to design other websites as well, then the lifetime membership may be more suited for you.



Divu plugin builder

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