Does my business need a facebook page. Is it worth it

Does My Business Need a Facebook Page? Should Your Business Be On Facebook?

Does My Business Need a Facebook Page?

Does your business need a facebook page? Well, consider this, more than 80 million small businesses across the globe have facebook business pages.

On top of that, recent facebook data suggest that there are 2.6 billion monthly active users and 1.7 billion daily users. It’s safe to say facebook will be around for a while, and if your business is not on facebook now, it needs to be.

Facebook is a place where friends, families, colleagues, students meet and interact and where they spend a large portion of their time online at. It’s important to be seen where your customers are constantly at. More exposure = more sales = more clients = more jobs, and will ultimately make you more money in the long run.

Why is a Facebook Page Good for Business?

One of the main reasons your business needs to be on Facebook is because of the influence social media has on consumer buying behavior. More and more people are looking to platforms such as Facebook or Instagram to get a better idea of the company before doing business with them. This is your chance as a business owner to build rapport, earn their trust, and further develop their brand loyalty. 

Having a profile or page for your business on Facebook will provide your potential customers with information valuable to your business. Information such as your hours of operation, your locations, phone numbers, images and videos of your product or service, reviews, and can serve as a direct line of customer support.

Not only is Facebook good for showing off your business information but, it is also a way you can directly message customers, clients, and reach out to prospective customers or clients. On Facebook you can also network and interact with other business owners that might be similar to yours. 

Is Facebook a Good Marketing Tool for Business?

With that being said Facebook is an excellent free marketing tool for small business owners. On Facebook you are able to market and advertise towards specific demographics and interests. You are also able to advertise towards people that have viewed your Facebook page, people that have liked your Facebook page or a post, or people that are interested in businesses like yours. Here you can gain insights to your audience and continue to build your following on Facebook.

Do You Really Need a Facebook Page for Your Business?

More than 55% of B2B decision makers have used social media to find more information on prospective companies before doing business with them as a source of social proof.

So yes, it doesn’t matter if your business is B2B or B2C people are using Facebook to make purchasing decisions. Facebook serves as an additional way to build trust with your prospective clients and customers.

Building your Facebook page typically does not take too long. Creating content usually seems to get most small business owners new to Facebook some headaches. We have many small business clients that reach out for Facebook help. Here at Sage Marketing solutions, we typically manage, post, update, and maintain their pages while running advertising on Facebook for brand exposure and lead generation a. If this is something you need help with, feel free to reach out and we can answer any burning questions you might have.

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