do you need a business website?

Does My Business Need a Website? Is a Company Website Necessary?

Why You Need a Website For Your Business?

As technology improves and advances, businesses need to adapt and change as well to survive and outperform their competitors. Everyday new people are connecting and using the internet. So long of the days where people would use a phonebook or classified ads in a newspaper to find a business or service. With most smartphones today being connected to the internet, more and more people use their phones to find nearby restaurants, theatres, mechanics, plumbers, chiropractors, doctors, gyms, you name it, people are searching for it online.  

There was a national study conducted in 2016 on consumer insights and how consumers use the internet to make purchases. It was found that nearly ~95% of people at some point had used the internet to find a local business. In 2017 this number rose to ~97% (, 2019) 

Being seen when people are searching for businesses like yours will make all the difference, in some cases the difference between your businesses success and failure. 

The harsh reality is if people don’t know about your business or how to find your business, you won’t have a business for much longer.

Does my Business need a Website?

To put it short… Yes!

Since more people today use the internet to contact and find out more information about a business than any other place, having a website allows you to showcase your work, provide contact information, hours of operation, and location to all your potential customers or clients and it will help them learn more about your business and eventually turn them into new customers. 

Why a Website is Necessary for your Business?

Your website can do more than just show off your great work, it can also generate new leads, give directions to your businesses location, show off great testimonials, and in some cases, provide a way for people to purchase your products online. 

Not having a website today is unprofessional to most. It is estimated that 30% of consumers will not purchase or interact with a business that does not have a website. While this is the case today, consumers are also looking for some sort of an online presence such as social media profiles, reviews, etc. 

Not having a website consumers can find, negatively impacts all other marketing and advertising efforts. For example, if you own a restaurant and place an ad in a newspaper, or phone book, or television commercial, and someone is interested in your restaurant, they will search online to find your restaurant first before even considering going to your restaurant. 

Does my Small Business need a Company Website?

If your company focuses on B2B and you don’t have a website because of the idea that most of your business isn’t online, you’d be misinformed. Almost seventy-five percent of B2B buyers visit a prospective company website prior to making a purchasing decision for their company. While sixty-two percent completely finalize B2B purchases through the content on a prospective company website (Google, 2018).

Managing your New Leads from your Website

By having a business website, your potential customers are able to give you their information or contact your business through your website. All of this information is valuable to you as the business owner because you can follow up with them, sell to them, and much more. Don’t throw your traffic in the trash, make sure you are collecting contact information! Products like Infusionsoft (Or Keap) help you manage your new leads, automate email strategies, and keep them in your sales funnel longer helping you convert them into paying customers. Infusionsoft eliminates the time and stress of manually sending out hundreds of emails to your leads and customers. This software will replace thousands of hours of manual emails. The software will also track your leads through every step of your sales sequence and provide you with crucial data on your leads such as the conversion rate, if emails are opened, website visits, and purchases. Most importantly in many businesses, customers may need 3 – 7 touchpoints to purchase your services or product, and infusionsoft is an excellent tool to do that. I would recommend this to any business owner wanting to stay organized and efficient. 


I highly recommend this product. We use it everyday here at Sage Marketing Services for managing most of our client’s leads. Click Here to try out the Infusionsoft software for a FREE 14 Day Trial.

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