GoDaddy vs Siteground – Which is Better for Web Hosting?

SiteGround vs GoDaddy: Which website hosting is right for you?

With many options for website hosting, picking the right hosting service for you and your needs may be a stressful ordeal. Within this blog post I am going to try and take some weight off your shoulders and help guide you to picking the best suited hosting service for you.

There are many hosting services but there are few that have remained popular over the years. Two of the most well known and discussed hosting services are GoDaddy and Siteground for a few reasons. Their success is due to a multitude of performance metrics and quality of life features that we will dive into later in the blog.

It’s important to remember that all hosting providers are not built the same. There is more to consider than just server Uptime, speed, and value for money. A few overlooked features hosting companies have to offer include: customer service, technician expertise, integrations, security, and transferability

SiteGround and GoDaddy are both respected hosting services, each of which are suited for different needs, capabilities, and experience levels when it comes to setting up websites with their dedicated hosting provider.

With that being said, let’s dive into their pros and cons.

Pros and Cons of Siteground Website Hosting:

The pure product and service Siteground offers is superior to many of its competitors. In the simplest terms, Siteground hosting is FAST. It is built to perform and built to be fast. Site Tools is a quick and easy way to manage your cache, install and enforce SSL certificates, setting up email accounts (for free), and managing your wordpress account.



  • Preferred hosting service for wordpress hosting

  • Competent customer support. Technicians are trained in the field of web hosting, website building and support all levels of expertise

  • 99.98% server uptime (industry standard)

  • Easy integration and website transfer/migration process using the Siteground WordPress Plugin.

  • Fast server response times (crucial for website load speeds)

  • Free SSL certificate installation (https)

  • Live chat and phone service for customer support


  • Can be pricier than other competitors, but we give you a big discount for signing up.

  • Limited disk space and storage (this is not a problem with majority of websites.



Siteground excels in ease of use, speed, integration, and migration. SiteGround has one of the industry leading customer support systems that can cater to individuals that are at every level of expertise. From web developers to people just getting acquitted with website building, they are sure to resolve any issues you encounter along your way.

SiteGround also offers plans that are catered towards wordpress integration such as automatic wordpress updates and one-click setups on top of free SSL certificates which adds an additional security level to your websites and customer data.

Easily add and create email accounts using your DKIM validation is included to authenticate your emails, so they do not end up in your recipients spam folder.

GoDaddy Pros and Cons of Web Service Hosting:

Where Siteground may be more catered to experienced web developers and website builders, GoDaddy has an appeal to those that are new to web design and hosting due to a myriad of features. We will go into detail as to why they are popular with those new to web design and where their success lies as a hosting service.


  • All in one, one stop shop package that offers web building, domain name setup, and hosting

  • Offers a multitude of features at different price ranges able to fit any budget

  • Ability to add multiple domains to one host

  • Ability to receive one free domain

  • Package of 100+ applications with one-click install (which can be excessive for most)


  • Prices increases down the line, compared to initial discounted offers.

  • Issues with customer support.

  • Quality of customer support technicians

  • Increase in hacking incidences.

Conclusion and summary of SiteGround vs GoDaddy:

Both hosting providers will get the job done. Although when you compare the most basic hosting from Godaddy to Siteground’s ($6.99 per month) most basic plan, Siteground outperforms Godaddy’s ($8.99 per month) economy hosting with lightning fast speeds and functionality. It will come down to what your experience level is with web design, setup, and budget. If you have a few more dollars to spend on a great hosting service that will yield you less problems, your choice should be Siteground with unbeatable customer support and integration. USE THIS LINK to get more than 50% off your hosting for the 1st year. 




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