Hawaii Web Design

Hawaii Web Design – Best Practices For Honolulu Web Design

Key Takeaways from the best Hawaii Web Design Businesses

  • Web design in Hawaii is different from other business websites in other states.
  • Understanding your visitors intent is crucial to converting visitors to customers.
  • Contact information needs to be visible and easy to access from visitors.
  • More than half of people that use the internet daily are accessing the internet through mobile.
  • Today, all serious business owners need a website that is responsive and easy to use on mobile phone and desktop computer.
  • The language used within your Hawaii web design needs to resonate with people that live in Hawaii or Honolulu.

Best practices for Honolulu Web Design

The secret to any successful business website is understanding why people are visiting your website. That is most commonly referred to as user intent. Depending on your business, the user intent may differ as we cover some examples later on in this article. Sometimes your visitors may be ready to purchase and want to find a way to contact your business right away. In this situation it is important to have a way for them to contact your business quickly and easily such as having a call now button at the top of your homepage. Or sometimes the intentions of your users might be to further understand or learn about your business product or service where in that case you would have your product or service featured on your homepage.

Hawaii Web Design

The layout and build of your website, also referred to as web design is one of the most important aspects of a businesses website. Your website’s layout presents information In a organized manner to your website visitors. This includes information such as your web products, store hours, business location, etc. The website design and layout also allows you to present your sales copy and any other language you might use for your business such as slogans, Mottos, or a mission statement to your website visitors.

Understanding the intentions of your website visitors is imperative to a high performing high converting business website. For example, if you have a plumbing business, your website visitors are most likely looking for a plumber at that exact moment and just want to get a plumber to come over and help them immediately. Because of this user intent, it would be the best practice in website design to have a contact button, form, or phone number at the top of the website page to make it easier and quicker for the user to contact your plumbing business.  Utilizing higher end graphic design, images and video throughout your website will generate a high sense of authority to your potential customers. 

Communicating to your customers through Honolulu Web Design

Choosing and implementing language, photos, and customs relevant to your customers is crucial to any professional business website, especially for Hawaii Web Design. Web design for Honolulu is unique compared to other states since we use words and phrases unique to the people of Hawaii in everyday conversation that is not as common in other places across the United States. For example, starting your details, descriptions, or sales copy on your website with ‘Aloha’ or ending them with ‘Mahalo’ will give your visitors a sense of familiarity and further build rapport. The goal here is to “know your audience” and to provide the solutions or products that they are looking for. 

Oahu Web Design may change from business to business

Like how we had mentioned earlier, your website design should be tailored to your business to give your visitors and customers the best experience. If you choose not to build your own website like most small business owners, it is important to make sure that you communicate what your brand’s messaging, vision and style with your Hawaii website development company.  A modern Web Design is crucial to make sure your brand has a consistent feel to it through all aspects of your business. 

How to drive more leads and sales through Google – 

When people search  within google’s search bar, it is referred to as a search query. Based on what that person searches, google will try and give the user the best and most relevant result. When you are building your Hawaii web design or having someone else build it for you, you should have your website be optimized for google search engine algorithm and criteria so that your website can appear within the google search results. If your website is not optimized for google, your customers will have a difficult time finding you on google search resulting in you potentially losing new business. This also means your competition is reaping the rewards. Contact Sage Marketing Solutions to get your Web Design & Digital Marketing Strategy on the path towards success. Click the link below. 

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