How to delete or remove emails and contacts from keap

How to Delete Contacts in Keap | Step-by-Step Guide

How to Delete Contacts in Keap and Clean Up Your Contacts

As many of you know by now Keap is a client relationship management software that helps people easily organize, manage, and reference customer information as well as capture leads. Keap (formerly Infusionsoft) enables those people to automate sales, marketing, email marketing, and customer service with ease.

Obtaining new emails are great but, sometimes we may find ourselves in a predicament where we gather emails only to find that some people may no longer be interested in them. That’s ok. Within Keap however, we have to pay to keep those particular emails even though they may no longer serve us.

Keap’s pricing is based on the features that are available to you with the membership you had purchased in conjunction with the number of email contacts you maintain.

Should You Keep Your Unsubscribed or Uninterested Contacts in Keap

A portion of Keap’s pricing is structured in a way that forces you to pay for the ability to keep and maintain a certain number of contacts. To avoid purchasing any additional email allotments, you may delete contacts that are no longer useful. Contacts that are no longer subscribed to your email list, contacts that wish to be unsolicited, or contacts that are no longer interested.

Navigating Keap to find where to delete contacts in Keap can leave some frustrated and confused. After this guide you will learn how to delete and remove contacts on Keap, where to find the option to delete contacts and emails on Keap, and how to remove contacts on Keap efficiently.

How to Delete a Contacts Record From Keap | How to Manage Old Contacts

Here we will dive into the best way to remove and delete contacts from your keep email list or Keap unsubscribe list.

NOTE: Currently Keap does not have an option to delete or remove multiple unsubscribed/ uninterested contacts at once. This is the quickest way to date

Deleting contacts within Keap (with commentary)


How to Remove Contacts or Subscribers From Keap Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1:

First, from the homepage, navigate to the reports section within the home sidebar located towards the bottom left hand corner of the dashboard as illustrated below. Click on reports.

How to delete keap contacts step 1

Step 2:

After clicking on the reports screen, you should be available to see a multitude of report options within the Keap reports section. Scroll down until you come across an option labeled “Unsubscribe tracker” within Keap. Click on the unsubscribe tracker option as seen below.

keap unsubscribe tracker feature for deleting contacts

Step 3:

After clicking on the Keap unsubscribe tracker option, a menu option box should appear that displays your search criteria. This menu box displays the each possible options a contact would have unsubscribed. Here you have the option to filter your search results based on the displayed criteria.

The best option for most people is to select all criteria/reasons for unsubscribing. We select all in order to ensure we remove all unsubscribed/ uninterested contacts from the Keap contact list regardless of reasoning as they are occupying a contact space that could rather be filled with a contact that is in-fact interested.

Select all options for unsubscribing then, select the range of dates you wish to search through. Oftentimes it makes most sense to chose a date that was near the inception of your contact list in order to remove all contacts that have unsubscribed.

After following these two steps, proceeded to press the search button as featured in the graphic below.

Select all contacts that have unsubscribed or are interested within keap

Step 4:

After selecting the desired search criteria, a list of contacts that have been unsubscribed to your emails within Keap should appear. In order to delete and remove these contacts you must remove the email associated with the contact because Keap bases its contact allotment on the number emails within your contact list.

To delete the contact efficiently, highlight and copy the email associated with the contact within the search results page and paste it into the search bar displayed at the top of the Keap dashboard as shown below.

step-by-step how to delete contacts in keap

Then, highlight and copy the email of the contact that is to be deleted.

After copying the email address, paste it into the Keap search bar located at the top of the search bar.

deleting a email contact in keap

Step 5:

After pasting the email into the search bar, click the contact profile. A screen displaying the contact’s information will appear. Click on the profile icon (a big circle above the contact information) to edit the contact information as seen below.

how to manage your keap email list

Step 6:

After clicking on the contact profile, the contact information will be displayed again. Navigate to the upper right corner of the screen and select the edit option.

how to edit contact information within keap

Final Step:

After selecting the edit contact option you will have the ability to edit the contact’s information. Scroll down to the bottom of this page where you will find the delete contact” option within Keap. Select the delete option and continue.

You now should have available contact space to further build your contact list within keap.

remove contacts in keap




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