The standard Clickfunnels and Infusionsoft integration does not always work, or will suddenly stop syncing. The way around that integration is to manually set up the web forms inside of Keap Pro and sync it to the Web Form inside of your Clickfunnels. This tutorial will walk you through the steps.
Step 1: Create a parallel web form inside Keap Pro that mimics your Clickfunnels Web Form
Step 2: Add the link to the next step in your funnel to the Thank you page URL address inside of Keap Pro.
Step 3: Publish the web form inside of Keap Pro.
Step 4: Take the HTML Code from the Keap Pro Web Form and paste it into a notepad document and delete all script codes from the code.
Step 5: Copy and Paste this code into the Integration Section of your Clickfunnels Page where the web form is located. Sync the web forms and save. Integration is complete.

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