Module 4: Build Your Contact List

#1) Compile a CSV or Excel spreadsheet list of all past clients or any existing mailing audience. (You will be entering this into your campaign builder before we launch your campaign.)

If you have an existing customer base, compile a list of their names, emails and phones in a spreadsheet.

You can simply organize it by columns. Make sure to schedule a time for a free live workshop to learn how to automate on the next module.


| First Name | Last Name | Business Name | Email | Phone | Address | IP Address| (create as many columns as you need.)

#2) (Optional) Download the App on your phone to get a free new business phone number so you can start automating text messages to your client base. Text from your partner dashboard on a desktop directly to their phones for client outreach. You can also take advantage of the software that scans business cards and automatically enters client information into your contact list.

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