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While using your phone, have you ever searched on Google for a place to eat, a movie, a local business, or any business in particular? Chances are you have! As more consumers use Google search from a mobile phone, it is important to optimize your websites and business listings for mobile users.

You can see examples of the call now button featured directly within the Google search can be seen below:

Sage Marketing Solutions on GoogleDr. Joy Ostroff Natural Healing Hawaii

According to Google’s Consumer Insights, 60% of smartphone users have reached and contacted a business directly through Google’s click-to-call option while using Google search. The phone calls made through Google Search can also be tracked and measured to help you understand which mediums new traffic is coming through.

When your website is optimized correctly, users can directly contact your business through Google Search rather than having to click on your website first and then searching for your contact information, ultimately, making it easier for people to get in touch.

The easiest way to have the click-to-call option feature to appear directly on Google Search, is by having your business signed up and registered in Google My Business with an included business phone number. Another way to have a phone number directly featured within Google Search is by optimizing your websites phone number for schema markup. Google constantly scans websites for changes and information that may be relevant to users search criteria.

When Google scans a website and comes across a website that has a phone number with the proper schema markup, Google then associates that phone number to your business and creates a clickable link such as the click-to-call button within the Google Search results. A tutorial on how to set up schema markup and adjust your phone number to become a clickable link can be found here.

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