What is SEO?

SEO Methods

Increase your Rank!

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a culmination of methods that gives your Website higher organic rank. What does this mean? The higher you rank the better the chance your website will be found on Google or other Search Engines. We use software that we can install directly on your website to have full control over the metadata and keywords that will enhance the rank for each page of your website. We then use SEMRush and perform a Site Audit and a full-scale Keyword Planning to implement and pack your website with high organically ranked keywords. 

We have other methods below:


1) Business Listing Sites

Create a Google My Business Listing ( + other listing sites) ! Creating a Google Business Listing is an essential function and a fundamental first step to get your website visible on search engines and having your business listing acculumate traffic organically.  We include a full scale SEO package with every web design, so you are not sitting on a brand new site without any traffic. 

2) Blogging | Create a Blog

Creating Pages, Blog Posts, or even Products are a great way to increase your overall websites Index. We can then create substantial Metadata for each page, post, or product and enter this information for All Search Engines to record. The more content being produced, the higher the chance your product or post could hit a Google Search Keyword.  


3) Sharing Your Websites Index Across Social Media & Other Websites

Share your Blog Posts and Pages on Social Media! Take methods to get your website shared on other websites, high ranking website and social media channels. 

Optimize your Website!

4) SSL Certificates, Titles & Headlines, Installing Google Tracking and Tags, Sync with Google Search Console/Google My Business, increase load up times, compress images, php versions, mobile and tablet friendly desig. Utilize keyword planning & SEMrush to make sure your hitting the best keywords for your business. 

Complete a Full Site Audit

4) You may be surprised just how many mistakes your website may have. There are underlying issues that can arise with a website that can produce errors and warnings in SEO that is negatively impacting your rank from growing. We want to make sure when the Google bots scan your website, everything is pristine. Let’s do a full audit, discover the issues, and resolve them. SEO is a long term play, but can have the most profound effects for your website when achieved properly. 

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